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Candle Size Matters - How to Choose The Right One

Size Matters! When it comes to candles we can help you find the size that best fits you.

Size does matter when you are considering what candle best fits your needs. Contrary to belief you can’t just throw any size candle into a room and expect it to perform the same as any other. A car freshener that plugs into a vent wouldn’t fully scent a living room now would it?

Picking The Right Size Candle For Your Room

Consider the space you want to scent when deciding on which size of candle you should choose. A small entryway, a bathroom, or a living room are areas that are not created equal. Generally speaking, you would not want an overpowering scent to knock your guests over when they enter your home. Rather, you may want an aroma that is a subtle embrace of the nose.

Small candles such as 4 oz jars or tins are fitting for small areas such as an entryway. These are also great sizes for bathrooms or small bedrooms. The coverage area of a 4 oz jar or tin is about 150 square feet. The 4 oz size is also a great choice when you are unsure which scents you will like best. They are an economical choice to test in a smaller room and then go back for a larger size if you are pleased with the result. They also give you great burn time. If burned properly a 4 oz soy candle will burn for 20 – 24 hours. They are also a great gift size and make wonderful party favors. If you are looking for a small but impactful gift to round out a birthday present, door prizes, or bridal shower gifts, the 4 oz size is a great choice.

If you are looking to give a medium-sized room an atmospheric uplift such as a larger bedroom or dining area, medium size candles like the 8 oz jars or tins are a really nice pick. Medium-sized candles will scent an area of around 256 square feet, for example, a 16 ft x 16 ft room. If burned properly they will burn for 40 – 45 hours. Large rooms either require more candles spaced throughout the room or larger candles such as 16 oz jars or tins which will cover approximately a 576 sq ft area and will burn for 75 – 80 hours.

Multiple candles of varying sizes positioned throughout a large area are typically a good way to fill the area with scent. The largest candle should be placed at the central point. You can get creative and do smaller sizes in different scents that complement your main scent or if you have that one favorite, do all the same. Let your creativity glow! Just be certain to spread them out so you can evenly fill the area with their lovely aroma and so they have enough air to properly burn.

Understanding The Right Way To Burn A Candle

You don’t get the maximum enjoyment out of a candle if you don’t properly burn it.

The general rule of thumb for reaching a nice scent throw for a soy candle is to let it burn for at least 2 hours or 1 hour for every inch of the candle opening width. The idea is to ensure the entire top of the candle reaches melt. If you extinguish a candle too soon it creates tunneling. Tunneling is what occurs when the candle burns down in the center and leaves wax on the sides. You don’t get the maximum enjoyment of your candle when this happens.

Don’t forget to keep the wick trimmed. Trimming the wick helps to keep the flame under control. Before each use trim the wick down to about a ¼ inch, I like to use nail clippers. Be sure to discard the trimmed portion, you don’t want a burnt piece of wick floating in your hot wax and putting off a charred aroma.

Be Safe!

Always remember to be safe when burning your candles. Never burn a candle near moving air such as open windows or fans or high traffic areas. You don’t want to accidentally extinguish your candle but more importantly, you don’t want debris or other articles to get into the path of the flame and ignite.

Burning candles is a simple pleasure to create a lovely atmosphere. So get out there and size up your area and choose the size that gives you the maximum enjoyment and be safe!

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