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Skin nutrition powerhouse! Improves texture, delivers ultimate hydration, and has anti-aging properties.

A simple, no-nonsense formula that provides incredible nutrition to your skin without clogging pores.

Key Ingredients:

Grapeseed oil - provides moisturize and balance, minimize fine lines

Meadowfoam seed oil - locks in moisture to prevent further water loss

Watermelon seed oil - hydrating, can provide protection from environmental damage, anti-aging effects

Broccoli seed oil - known for skin soothing and intense hydration

Blackberry seed oil - helps firm & tighten, soothe skin, and promote elasticity

Red Raspberry seed oil - aids in reducing the appearance of damaged skin

Blueberry Seed oil - helps to rejuvenate skin, improves elasticity & firmness, has a plumping effect

Carrot Seed oil - collagen boosting, helps with skin mending and scar fading.

Net wt 1 oz

Superfood & Antioxidant Face Oil - LIMITED EDITION

SKU: SQ8532017
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