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Luxurious, light and a wonderful moisturizer. Our luxury body butter formula does not contain any harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients and doesn’t leave a heavy feeling on the skin like most butters from other stores. Made with mango butter and shea butter, this butter quickly soaks into the skin for all day moisturizing. A fun scent of the sweetness of fruits and cotton candy. Some compare the scent to Smarties candy or Hubba Bubba grape bubble gum. One things for sure your skin will feel and smell amazing! It’s easy to see why this is a popular scent. Available in 2 sizes. Net wt. 9 oz and Net wt. 5 oz. Be sure to check out our many available scents and our Deluxe line too!

Unicorn Farts - Luxury Body Butter

SKU: BB-UF-4oz
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